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6500 rubles/m²

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5500 rubles/m²
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The meeting is the first meeting. We talk about our approach. You give us information: what tasks need to be implemented in your space.

Together, we fill out the brief and sign the contract. Then we draw up the project technical specification. It spelled out a step-by-step plan of work, taking into account the nuances of the future interior: what rooms are needed, their zoning, tech.features, equipment.

After you approve the project technical specification, we carry out all the necessary measurements.
& measurements
How we work
Based on your needs and ergonomics, we make several options for planning solutions. Together with you, we adjust them, supplement them – choose one working option.

In the future, it will not be possible to change the planning solution, since the entire project is built on the basis of it.
Planning solution
On the basis of the chosen planning solution, the bureau's specialists create stylistic collages, form the composition of the necessary drawings and specifications.

They are already visible: the general concept, future color solutions, the choice of furniture and materials. This is a concentrate of how we see the display of the idea in the interior.
Preliminary design
Based on the approved stylistic collages and technical documentation, we create 3D of your future interior.

Visualization shows how your interior will look in real life and will be a very useful tool at the stage of project implementation.
3D Visualization
Bottom line: you get your hands on a ready-made project of your dream home, This is a set of drawings that competent builders can easily implement the project.

It will consist of various plans, wall layouts, drawings of complex structural solutions, sketches of decorative and architectural elements and furniture, lists of finishing materials and interior items.

You can implement it on your own, or we jointly continue the path with our services "Author's supervision" and Configuration. In this case, the entire project will be implemented with our step-by-step support.

Service "field supervision" - ensures that the implementation of the project will fully coincide with its idea. Style and design decisions will be made in compliance with technology, materials, sizes.

Designers of the bureau accompany all stages of repair and decoration. Every week we go to the object - we monitor the compliance of the work with the design project. Any changes that may occur in the work are taken into account by our team in advance. We keep in touch with suppliers, we know all the nuances of installing communications, electrics and equipment.


Author's supervision

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